McCadden Show Stables: Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation

McCADDEN SHOW STABLES Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation

New Rider Classes

At McCadden Show Stables we are a Premier Horse Stable that focuses on Hunters, Jumper and Equitation and providing a path to the highest levels of the sport. Riders starting Horse Riding Lessons at our Horse Stable will begin at either our horse jumping classes or begin leasing. Riders may ride our lesson horses in the beginning, but then they will need to find a suitable horse to lease or own.

Level 3 — Horse Jumping Class — Lesson Horses — Package of 4 classes — $550

The jumping classes are the start of when a horse rider becomes more independent and confident. Riders can begin in a horseback riding lessons in our jumping classes as soon as they feel confident posting the trot and tacking up their horse independently. What you can expect at this level class:

Level 4 — Educational Lease — half or partial

Riders in the Educational Lease will be having their first experiences of working with their own horse. Horse Riders should take responsibility and pride in keeping their horses looking nice and clean. Riders in the Educational Lease will jump up to 2’3”. Riders will have access to horse shows both locally and nationally.

🞵🞵 Most of our horses at this level need training and a higher level skill set which often makes showing a requirement. On occasion we do have horses that may not show anymore that may be available for leasing at the Educational Level. If you are person who needs this variance, you may inquire with Liz for availability.

Level 5 — Performance Lease & Private Lease or Private Ownership

Our primary focus at this level is to help you performance at your best both at home in your horse riding lessons and at horse shows. Horses may be jumped up to 3’. Horse Riders will show locally and nationally at this level.