McCadden Show Stables: Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation

McCADDEN SHOW STABLES Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation


At McCadden Show Stables we offer personalized instruction and attention to details. Our intention is to help our riders discover new abilities and strengthen existing ones to give them a path to success. Our focus is on winning Championships, qualifying for Finals classes and placing at the Year-End awards. At McCadden Show Stables we value a positive and uplifting environment so that each horse and rider may develop to their full potential. This environment fosters wonderful and memorable showing experiences as well as winning Championships!

The McCadden Family has devoted their lives to the welfare, training, and development of high-level performance horses. They have built an enjoyable and natural facility for both horses and riders to thrive. As individuals they each bring their own unique set of abilities and talents to create top performance horses. The McCadden family is also wholly dedicated to their rider's well-being and education. They support each individual along their journey to becoming better riders and horse-people.

Liz McCadden is the head trainer and instructor at McCadden Show Stables. Liz is an accomplished instructor, with a vast depth of knowledge and experience in training show riders and horses. She is also the co-owner of Seventh Farm Riding School established in 2007. In addition to her teaching and training at Seventh Farm, she has also taught riding classes at the University of Minnesota, MCTC (Minnesota Community and Technical College), The Science Museum of Minnesota, Lifetime Fitness, and Community Education for the St. Paul suburbs. Liz's focus is on training adult and junior amateur riders to Championships, Year- End Qualifier Classes and placing in the Year-End Awards.

Tom McCadden is the president of McCadden Show Stables and Seventh Farm. He oversees the management of the farm and all aspects of the business. Tom specializes in the training and re-training new horses. His attention to detail in his training methods thoroughly prepares the horses for all the challenges that will be required of them once they begin showing. Tom is passionate about allowing each horse to live the most natural life possible, with a focus on natural grazing practices, herd management, and facilities management to achieve this goal.

Isabella McCadden is the daughter of Tom and Liz McCadden. She is a beautiful and stylish rider who is developing her love of riding and showing horses. She also enjoys helping to manage the farm and to train the horses at home with her mom and dad.